You probably have questions! We have answers! At the end, if you still have questions, give us a call, send us an e-mail or pop into the shop. (Don't forget to make an appointment if you'd like to chat specifics! We can't usually accommodate walk-ins for custom projects!)

It breaks our hearts every time a sweet couple asks if we'll work with them because of their gender or orientation, so, first thing first:
Typecase loves you all. We accept wedding clients of all types, configurations and pairings, and we only work with companies that do the same.

How long do things take?
Our average turnaround time is about four weeks for weddings. Super complex and involved projects may take longer. If you've got your design ready to go, the printing itself is usually about two weeks, but things vary based on our current workload. We also offer rush if you've got a time-sensitive project.

​How much will this cost?
Costs vary based on a number of things, including quantity, colors, type of paper, printing, design, and more! We do not have "standard" pricing we send out, instead offering quotes on an individualized basis. This helps us work within budgets by offering alternatives, and makes sure we produce the best quality work for you! 

How do I get a quote?
You can send us an e-mail (be as detailed as possible) or schedule an appointment to come talk in person! We're a busy bunch, so it may take a few days to hear back, but we promise to get to you! If you make an appointment, we will pull paper samples, talk colors, let you feel everything, and then follow up with a quote via e-mail.

Can you print this one poster?
Probably not. For super special projects, we may be able to help, but generally we do not offer letterpress for runs of fewer than 25. Letterpress printing is a lot of set-up, so a single poster is very expensive.

How big can you print?
We are limited by the size of our press, so our largest print area is around 15x19.

Do you make signs?
We can make loads of things, but most of them are out of paper. If you need sign fabrication, we are delighted to send you to Next Day Signs. They made our blade sign and have been wonderful to work with.

Can you print these flyers for me?
We do not offer copier services. We are a design and print shop, and we love to work on thoughtful projects. However, we know sometimes you just need 500 copies of a flyer, and for that, we direct you to Basecamp DC. These folks help us out a lot and have a quick turnaround.

What if my quote is out of my budget?
Please let us know! We can't always make it work, but we are full if ideas and suggestions, from paper types, to the number of colors, to incorporating flat printing.

Can I see a proof?
We do not offer physical proofs. They are super labor intensive, and they must be seen right before we print the entire run so that nothing changes. Letterpress printing utilizes antique machinery and hand mixed elements, so there is always a possibility of slight variation from print to print. We think this is part of the charm!

Can you address my envelopes for me?
At this time, we do not offer envelope addressing. We can, however, give you some recommendations!

Do you offer calligraphy?
Unfortunately, we do not do calligraphy in-house, but we are happy to recommend a great local calligrapher.

What type of payment do you accept?
Check is preferred, but we accept cash and credit cards. Credit incurs a 3% processing fee. For all custom work, we require a 50% deposit, with the remainder due on pickup or before shipping.

What if something is wrong with my order?
We try our best, but we're only human. Please send us an email with the problem as quickly as possible and we'll do everything we can to make it right!

I'm a designer. Can you letterpress something for me?
We sure can! We'll need to take a peek at your files to make sure everything is letterpress friendly.

What is it called when you print without ink? Can you do that?
Blind deboss, and we definitely can! We can either print with no ink, or add a bit of clear or white to make it pop.

How do your inks work?
We mix all of our inks by hand using our handy Pantone Matching System (PMS) guide. If you have a set color in mind, we welcome you to send us your PMS color, or stop by the studio and go through our book. We do our best to match as closely as possible, but there are always little variations that may happen. If you require a super specific color, we can always custom order that for you.

Can you do metallics? What about foil?
We have some metallic inks for letterpress, and then offer many many foil options, from metallic to matte.

I need this other type of printing, too. Do you do that?
We offer other printing types on a limited basis, including flat printing and screenprinting. We don't offer thermography or embossing.